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With over 45 years of experience, OKU is a world-class performer in precision engineering. Our family business is deeply rooted, skilled, and innovative, and we invite you to discover our state-of-the-art workshop.

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0,1 g–10 kg
Product size
1–40 000 kpl
Batch size
Precision up to
one-thousandth of a milimetre

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Rooted – The city of Outokumpu, where we are located, is also deeply rooted in the metalworking industry. The mining industry, which was active for 79 years, extracted 40 million tonnes of copper ore and concentrate from their mine before coming to an end in 1989. However, the region’s metalworking abilities have since transformed into successful business ventures. Today, the city of Outokumpu is one of Finland’s most industrialized towns.

Skilled – We have a skilled team of around 40 professionals, and our team continues to grow. Our top-performing team is a mix of experienced veterans and enthusiastic young talents. With our unbeatable quality and precision, OKU is a world-renowned leader in precision engineering on an international level.

Innovative – We specialize in manufacturing precision engineering components and sub-assemblies for leading global companies. Our diverse and demanding clients have enabled us to hone our service portfolio into a truly exceptional offering, characterized by quality, reliability, and precision. To maintain our competitive edge, we continuously invest in the latest technology and modern equipment in the industry. Our dedication to innovative technology also fosters professional growth among our team of experts.

International – We manufacture precision engineering components and sub-assemblies for top global companies. With direct exports to over ten countries, our diverse machining methods enable us to provide high-added value to our clients. As our role in exports continues to expand, we are poised to become even stronger in this area.

Meaningful – OKU is a player in Finland’s technology industry, which is the country’s largest export industry. Our primary focus is on creating sustainable products and services that benefit businesses, individuals, society, and the environment. Our precision components are utilized in various industries, such as aviation, defence, medical, and photonics. Moreover, OKU plays a critical role in ensuring Finland’s preparedness and security of supply.

Outokumpu - A city full of opportunities!

With around 6,600 residents, Outokumpu is one of the most industrialized municipalities in Finland, providing around a thousand industrial jobs. While industry is an important source of work and livelihood, Outokumpu is much more than just that.

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