Agility as the Icing on the Cake

Jouni has been working as a development engineer at OKU since early 2022. With prior experience of working for a large international organization, he is aware that the complexity and hierarchy of such entities can occasionally lead to sluggishness. Jouni highly regards Oku’s agility and rapid decision-making process above all else, stating that it’s the “icing on the cake.”

  • Discovered his passion for metalworking in middle school technical classes.
  • Studied as a mechanical technician in vocational school.
  • Worked as an installer, machinist, and tool maintenance worker at a high-security lock manufacturer.
  • Became a tool grinder through an apprenticeship.
  • After completing his engineering studies, worked in production planning and product development.
  • Took a break and made the decision to join Oku!

“There are no visible obstacles on the horizon, and the path is clear.” – Jouni characterizes OKU’s potential as a globally acknowledged precision engineering and machining company. He had been keeping tabs on OKU’s progress even before becoming a part of the team.

“OKU is a very captivating company that can make quick decisions when necessary and is capable of meeting the demanding requirements of the most discerning clients.”

”Without any pecking order, everyone at OKU works for the best of the client.”

Jouni is responsible for the daily maintenance and procurement of production as well as handling claims. He names a particular project as his true bread and butter, one that he doesn’t mention externally. Jouni appreciates OKU’s overall performance mainly because of its agility, immediacy, and expertise.

”At OKU, everyone works together without any hierarchical structure, solely focused on delivering the best outcome for the client.”

Values in the Scales of Choice

Before joining Oku, Jouni, like many others, pondered the appropriate moment to switch jobs. “There was a sense of stagnation – maybe it was the last straw.”

Career advisors often recommend contemplating a job change if one experiences a sense of stagnation or a lack of opportunities for professional development, as well as an uneven work-life balance.

Jouni had considered a job offer from a large company in Stockholm that would have required him to commute on a weekly basis.

“After thorough consideration, I decided against pursuing that path – I have family, a house, and a cottage in the region, which are all important to me. Joining Oku’s team and contributing my own experience in production development felt much more meaningful.”