OKU Academy

OKU places a strong emphasis on:

  • On-the-job training
  • Apprenticeship
  • Career changers
  • Young students
  • Adult learners

OKU has trained workplace mentors to support and guide individuals toward becoming professionals in fine mechanics and precision work. Jarmo Hassinen, the factory manager at OKU, oversees educational partnerships and coordination. We interviewed Jarmo to gain more insight into how learning and daily life unfold at OKU.

How would you describe the field of mechanical and production engineering?
"I highly recommend pursuing this field of study! There are many job opportunities available that offer diverse and challenging work. At OKU, we are especially interested in individuals who have chosen the production technology specialization - for example, CNC machinists are in high demand as professionals."
What are your goals at work?
”When asked about the purpose of his job as a janitor at NASA, he famously replied, "Our task is to send rockets into space." Similarly, as OKU staff, our goal is to assist world-class clients in achieving success in a range of industries, from deep mines to space, both nationally and globally.”
How can a novice thrive at OKU?
"We have an excellent team where expertise, peer support, and assistance are generously given. Some have referred to our culture of knowledge sharing and growth as the OKU Academy. You can always ask for help and expect to receive it. We learn many things here that schools cannot teach. I have witnessed how our new employees have developed into outstanding professionals over the years."
Why does OKU highlight the significance of attitude?
“A positive attitude, motivation, and patience can take you a long way. A year is a short time on the path to becoming a top professional, so patience is needed. Quality and extreme precision do not come easily.”
Is the production work physically demanding and dirty?
“No. The production work at OKU is not physically demanding or dirty, contrary to the typical image of a machine shop with sparks flying from grinders. The parts that are processed are precise and can weigh anywhere between 0.1 g to a maximum of 10 kg. Additionally, the tasks at OKU do not involve much physical strain and are equally suitable for both men and women.”

Jarmo Hassinen, the Factory Manager, has been awarded as the Best Workplace Trainer of 2022 by Riveria Vocational Institute.


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