Career story

Mastering Metalworking through Experience

Ari-Pekka studied automotive, transport, HVAC, and property management at a vocational school. As he was not able to find a job that matched his qualifications, he decided to enrol in a machinist course through the employment office. Now, 23 years later, he is one of the top machinists at OKU.

  • Career changer through a machinist course, 1999-2000
  • Values education and passes on knowledge to newcomers.
  • Inspired by modern technology and automation.
  • Meaningful work is important, even for an expert.
  • Believes work is a constant learning process.
  • Enjoys local nature and hunting for work-life balance.

Ari-Pekka remembers how extremely important it was to receive help and advice at the beginning of his career as a CNC machinist. While studying and practicing using machines was one thing, really getting down to work was another. However, it wasn’t long before Ari-Pekka got down to the business of programming.

“It’s important to note that regardless of your educational background, you won’t be fully prepared to be a machinist right away. Some may have a better foundation than others, while some may require more time to adapt to the work. First impressions can also be misleading. I’ve witnessed individuals who started off slowly but eventually became top professionals.”

Ari-Pekka emphasizes the importance of the work community and social interaction. He encourages novices to ask questions bravely, as there are no stupid questions.

“I’ve witnessed individuals who started off slowly but eventually became top professionals”

“Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is essential, as is finding meaning in one’s job. Speaking from personal experience, I find the increasing workload in the defence industry both fascinating and significant.”

Work and hobby fit nicely together

Ari-Pekka, who has lived in Outokumpu his entire life, has a passion for hunting that complements his work perfectly. As he puts it, ‘a hobby is an incurable disease; you can’t recover from it.’

“I start the hunting season with pigeons in August, followed by waterfowl, hares, and elks. The shifts at OKU fit my hunting activities perfectly, as I can go to the forest during the week after the morning shift that ends at 2 pm or before the evening shift that starts at 2 pm.”

Ari-Pekka is an avid hunter who enjoys hunting all kinds of game, except for bears. He finds bear hunting time-consuming due to the number of permits required and the need for specialized training. It’s also worth mentioning that he is not the only hunter at OKU; there are many other enthusiastic hunters at OKU, including “the bear hunters” says the chairman of the Törisevän Erä Hunters’ Association, with a grin.