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Precision engineering OKU manufactures high tolerance, small to medium-sized precision components. Since 1978, our core business has been precision manufacturing. Our skills and precision have been utilised from the mining to space, both domestically and globally.

With cutting-edge technology, we have been successfully delivered precision parts for a range of industries. Our precision parts are used in, for example, aeroplanes, firearms, X-ray and laboratory equipment, paper machines, precision tools, satellites, fibre production equipment and the food industry.

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Oku IKI was born from passion for metal – church products and corporate gifts are finnish design and production

Competence, creativity and metal – these elements have been weaved together by Okun Koneistuspalvelu. OKU IKI was born, an elegant selection of corporate gifts and chalices for sacramental wine.

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Customer has the say

Sako’s Excellence through Collaboration

Sako’s excellence and competitiveness are only possible if supported by a strong network of partners, says Mr. Heikki Taneli, Strategic Sourcing Manager for Sako Ltd’s rifle business.

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Thanks to our diverse and demanding clients, OKU's service portfolio has been polished into a true diamond!

Precision mechanics require highly skilled professionals. Our people are continuously developing their skills to ensure that they are always at the forefront of our industry.

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