Skill and precision

We are a special manufacturer of precision engineering parts and precision parts in general. Our long experience and strong know-how combined with our motivated working community and the most up-to-date technology represent our concept for success.

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The newest technology – and solid expertise

Absolute compliance with the requirements of precision engineering and other precision parts, the use of special materials, and overall functional quality mean reliability and operational reliability for each of our customers.

Our cooperation with our customers begins with a personal survey, the goal of which is to find the most cost-effective and best product development-, production- and logistics-based solutions. Modern technology – such as five-axis machining and precision measurement equipment – enable the manufacture of demanding products that fully utilise CAM planning and design. We have over 50 machining units and eight robot cells available for use.

Customer-oriented investment in the newest technology and training represent the basis of continuous operational development in our company. Our professionally skilled and motivated personnel are committed to operations centred on the customer – and develop their related processes with dedication and enthusiasm. The goal is careful cooperation that also generates substantial added value.

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Customer orientation and operational reliability represent our core values

Our international clientele in particular appreciate our security of supply – not to mention our capability in the area of quality production. They both represent important components in our overall range of services.

Over the decades, a dynamic network of top experts and partners in various fields has also been built up around us. Customers obtain the overall service of our entire network at their disposal. For subsystems, we handle the buying process of purchasable components along with thermal and surface treatment procurement, as well as the assembly of products.

With our expertise, we participate in the product development work of our customers – with full trust and confidence. It’s a matter of pride for us to be able to have a positive impact on our customers’ success.

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