The four-year investment programme of Okun Koneistuspalvelu was successfully completed in spring 2020. The investments of a total of EUR 3.2 million strengthen Oku’s quality-production capability and security of supply. In 2017-2018, Oku invested EUR 1,5 million in machining equipment. The modernisation and automatisation of production were continued with EUR 1,7 million in 2019-2020.

In the second investment period, the production capability was strengthened with four machining equipment: 2-shaft multi-axis CNC lathe and two multi-axis swiss type lathes for unmanned serial production of small parts. In the last phase of the investment programme, the production was finalised with a 5-axis lathe centre that includes a portal robot cell.

The new introduced machines are highly automatised and represent the latest machining technology in the market. The effectiveness and quality-production capability enable the manufacturing of highly demanding products in a cost-effective and dimensionally accurate manner.

Due to covid-19, the past year has also been extraordinary for Oku in several ways. According to Oku’s Managing Director Päivi Kettunen, the impacts of the global pandemic have highlighted the long-term strategy of the company. Investments are realised and work is done in a customer-oriented manner and by building the future, not following temporary economic fluctuations.

– Our capacity has been significantly strengthened along with the introduction of the new machines representing high technology. The completed investment programme ensures that we are prepared for growing demand. The market has shown some signs of the economy taking off very quickly.

For a Finnish contract manufacturer in precision engineering, covid-19 has already opened also new possibilities; work in activating new customer fields has paid off.

– In the situation, our assets have been quality, delivery time and security of supply. We have also been able to secure the availability of material and components, states Kettunen.


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