Oku IKI was born from passion for metal – church products and corporate gifts are finnish design and production

Competence, creativity and metal – these elements have been weaved together by Okun Koneistuspalvelu. OKU IKI was born, an elegant selection of corporate gifts and chalices for sacramental wine. Design from Finland mark indicates that the products have been designed in Finland in a professional, responsible and user-focused manner. The Finnishness of OKU IKI is communicated through the key flag mark.

Okun Koneistuspalvelu is known as a machining company specialised in the manufacture of precision engineering and precision parts. Precision parts manufactured by Oku are utilised from the mining of depths to the space both domestically and world-wide.Expansion from partial supply of satellites, airplanes, paper machines and even fibre manufacturing equipment to manufacturing corporate gifts and chalices means making a long-term plan visible.

– Actually, Oku started supplying the first chalices already in 2015. Manufacturing chalices was launched for the needs of a customer. They hoped for a Finnish alternative that lasts long in active use. Hygiene was a key criterion from the beginning. In the current Covid-19 pandemic, this feature has become even more central, reveals Okun Koneistuspalvelu’s Sales Director Jarmo Eklund.

When chalices were accompanied with corporate gifts based on hunting and wilderness spirit, a whole new brand was created for Oku’s own products, OKU IKI.

– The core of OKU IKI corporate gifts is composed of material and design, sustainable development and nature. From our own experience, we know how challenging it can be to find a corporate gift that is actually wanted and significant. An idea of our own – Finnish – product was born. The theme of OKU IKI corporate gifts is ideal for the customers in the technology industry that is familiar to us.

The construction of OKU IKI brand was launched last year. In accordance with Okun Koneistuspalvelu’s style, each detail in the products, surface finishing, laser markings and packages has been worked out to the last detail. The delivery of the products will begin in September 2021.

OKU IKI involves a strong story located in Outokumpu known for its mining industry. Do read more about the story and OKU IKI products at www.okuiki.fi.

Attached images of OKU IKI products are freely available for the media. Photographer is Jarno Artika.

Further information:

Okun Koneistuspalvelu Oy
Jarmo Eklund
Sales Director
0500 196 710


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