Millog Oy – A strategic partner of the Defence Forces

We do not buy a product or pieces. We buy the expertise of a cooperation partner representing the top in its field, summarised Millog Oy’s Buyer Sakari Kettunen when asked about their cooperation with Okun Koneistuspalvelu.

Finnish Millog Oy conducts maintenance for the stock of the Land and Marine Forces and for the surveillance systems of the Air Forces of the Finnish Defence Forces. Their core expertise includes comprehensive service and maintenance of the technical stock, in normal and emergency situations. In the service of Finland and Finnish security, Millog also takes care of civilian fields with a connection to national security and supply security. The company employs ca. one thousand people in a total of 22 locations.

In concrete, the work deals with regular maintenance, system instalment and testing, spare parts, storage and logistics, material recycling and disposing of sensitive material as well as life cycle planning and update.

” It also plays a large role how one operates in the face of problems.”

A good example of a life cycle update is the modernisation of RK62 assault rifles commissioned by the Defence Forces. The assault rifle, which has served for more than 50 years as the backbone of infantry arming, has been characterised as a key tool and life insurance of a fighter.

New features were needed in the fighter’s tool, such as firing engagement speed, fighting capacity in the dark and improved end-user ergonomics. The 2016-launched modernisation project was completed in ca. three years. Thanks to weapon improvements, the life of the assault rifles extends well in the 2030s.

A common goal

Millog has a huge responsibility and a team of cooperation partners, the vast majority of which are domestic. One of the partners is Okun Koneistuspalvelu, whose expertise was also needed in the modernisation of the assault rifles.

– We want to create reliable, just and beneficial partnerships for both parties. It is essential that our cooperation partner’s operational mode of supports our needs, Millog’s Sakari Kettunen stated.

The “support for our needs” mentioned by Kettunen refers to quality, technical ability, constant development of the subcontracting chain and security of supply. The requirements are strict, but clearly benefit both parties. The partnership with Millog constitutes a solid reference for a machining company specialised in precision engineering.

– Oku has also other customers with similar requirements to Millog’s. It is good for our cooperation and development that we are not the only ones spurring Oku in constantly developing their subcontracting value chain.

Listening to customers’ needs

In addition to projects, the cooperation between Millog and Oku also covers annual spare parts delivery. The deliveries are regularly irregular, varying with systems and years. Reaction capability and flexibility is needed.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2110 – Millog operates in accordance with quality management, environmental and safety systems. Oku is strictly in the same line; it has ISO 9001 quality system and it follows the requirements of ISO 14001 standard, AQAP 2110 standard and EN 9100 standard.

– Quality has its price, and quality is important for us. It also plays a large role how one operates in the face of problems.

The Buyer also appreciates the expertise that Oku has available already in the planning phase, and when assessing producibility. Kettunen also gives credit to Oku’s modern machine stock. Investments are made in accordance with customers’ needs.

– I started my work as Millog’s Buyer in 2011. With Oku, we have cooperated since 2013. Looking at the world right now, much work remains to be done in improving preparedness also in the future.


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