”The corona virus shrinks the importance of China”

Okun Koneistuspalvelu has had two important entries in this spring exhibition calendar: Hanover industry fair from 20 to 24 April and ILA Berlin Space and Aviation Exhibition from 13 to 17 May. Due to the corona virus, the dates of the Hanover Fair have now been postponed – the new dates are from 13 to 17 July.

”The corona virus halted the Chinese economy. Suppliers in China are closing down production plants. The Chinese economy has hit a wall. Storages are running out of electronic components and products. Nobody can say anything about the delivery schedules of supplies and components.” In the recent weeks, the consequences of the corona virus have been reported in this manner. It is difficult to predict the progression of the virus. We now already that the consequences will be far-reaching.

– The Chinese situation is reflected in European companies. Many companies are probably considering risk-management in terms of safeguarding the important components in one’s production in similar situations in the future, stated Oku’s Sales Director Jarmo Eklund.

According to Eklund, many types of companies have shifted the acquisition of production and components from China back to Europe and Finland, already before the escalation of the virus situation.

– My estimate is that the significance of China will decrease after these events. Quality, security of supply, rapid reaction capability and manufacturing that requires design work can be counted in euros and in cost-effectiveness. That is why the course is directed away from China, summarises Jarmo Eklund.

Automated technology

The Sales Director deems Hanover industry fair as an important general event for Oku, with the possibility to widely reach customers in need of precision engineering and precision machining. For Oku, Hanover has become a regular event since several years. Last year’s fair in Hanover included ca. 6,500 exhibitors and more than 200,000 visitors.

– The benefit of the fairs can materialise when participation is realised in a long-term manner. This year, our communicational focus is primarily on Oku’s investment in automated technology.

Late last year, Oku’s investments included 5-axe Swiss type lathe machine. The company conducted technology investments in order to further strengthen its ability to produce quality and guarantee security of supply.

ILA Space and Aviation Exhibition

The significance of the ILA Exhibition in Berlin for Oku is highlighted by the fact that Finland is currently considering a fighter purchase between five manufacturers. The alternatives include Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet (United States), Dassault Rafale (France), Eurofighter Typhoon (United Kingdom), Lockheed Martin F-35 (United States) and Saab Gripen (Sweden). Finland will make the choice in 2021. Aviation and space technology is one of Oku’s fields of operation; as a sub-contractor, Oku has also taken care of the needs of the current Hornet fighters.

– All the above-mentioned manufacturers are also potential customers for Oku. This spring’s exhibition is a true showcase to introduce oneself. After May, the following ILA Exhibition will be organised only in 2022.

Okun Koneistuspalvelu’s locations:
Hannover Messe, Hall 23, Stand B44/1 – newly scheduled dates 13-17 July 2020
ILA, Hall 6, (ISC) Stand 224


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