Measurement equipment

Our measurement equipment is designed to take measurements that are particularly exact. With a lot of our measurement equipment, precision to the one-thousandth part can be measured. Our measurement equipment enables the dimensioning 3D shapes with respect to parts. The measurements of small bore holes are performed with a measuring microscope.

Unit name Type Machining area
Mitutoyo CPJ-A3000 profile projector 100 x 100
Carmar CPJ-3007 profile projector  75 x 50
Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S 574 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) X 505, Y 705, Z 405
Nikon MM60 measuring microscope  100 x 100
Trimos 500 length measuring machine 0-550 (0,4 µm)
Diavite MT-3 surface roughness measuring  
Hommel tester T500 surface roughness measuring  
Mitutoyo surface roughness measuring  
Carl Zeiss concentricity measuring instrument  ø 100 x 200
Sunnen PG-700-EM small bore gauge equipment ø 1,5-70
Zoller Venturion 450/6 tool presetter z600, x200 ja ø400
Tesa Mikro-Hite Plus 600 height gauge 600