Electrical discharge machines (EDMs)

Precision wire saws are at our disposal as well as machine resources required for electrical discharge drilling and flush electro-discharging. We manufacture precision nozzles and cutter tools, for instance, for electrical discharge machining. In addition, we manufacture demanding mould parts with electrical discharge machining.

Unit name Total number of axes Machining area (X,Y,Z,U,V,B)
Agie Compact 2 - 350 x 250 x 350, 360°
Makino UP32J wire cutter  5 370, 270, 220,±35,±35
Makino U32K wire cutter 5 570,270,220,±35,±35
Makino EU 64 wire cutter 5 650,400,420,101,101
Omega CM800TNC124 EDM drilling machine  3 600 x 300