OKU (Okun Koneistuspalvelu Oy) has been awarded with ISO 9001 quality system certification. ISO 9001 is the world’s best-known quality standard, which is based on the philosophy of sustained and continuous improvement. We actively set targets for the development of operations and both measure and analyse our activities. We have created effective and productive procedures and approaches for management as well as the control and development of business and processes.

We bear responsibility for the environment, and take note of environmental impacts in our decision-making. We observe the requirements of ISO 14001, our management system standard.

In assignments for the defence industry, we comply with the AQAP 2110 quality standard. AQAP emphasises the management of risks and the entire supply chain as well as documentation and reproducibility. AQAP is based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 system, but contains additional demands.

In assignments for the aviation industry, we observe the requirements of the EN 9100 standard. The standard is applied in both commercial flight operations and in military aviation. This standard takes the special demands of the aviation industry into consideration.