Machining and measurement methods

Our machining and measurement methods cover a wide range, and our equipment represents the most up-to-date peak technology. Our techniques enable the manufacture of highly demanding products. The working stages following thermal treatments such as grinding and electro-discharge machining (EDM) are essential elements in our manufacturing methods. We also have special machining techniques at our disposal, such as plane lapping, honing and micro-blasting.

Our machining methods:

  • Multi-axis turning

  • Swiss type turning

  • Machining centre work

  • Grinding (surface, tool, centreless and cylindrical grinding)

  • Wire cutting

  • Electro-discharge drilling

  • Die sinking

  • Surface lapping

  • Honing

  • Micro-blasting and polishing

  • Ultrasound washing

Our precision measurement equipment:

  • 3D measurement machine

  • Profile projectors

  • Measuring microscope

  • Length measurement unit

  • Surface roughness instruments

  • Small bore gauge equipment