Modern machining technology for different machining methods

Top quality result requires wide-ranging and modern machine stock. We ensure that our technology is what the good service of our customers requires. We have the ability and the willingness to make investments in accordance with the needs of our customers. Our two factories include more than 50 machining equipment. We utilise modern automated technology.

Our machining methods include multi-axis turning, Swiss type turning, machining centre work, grinding, wire cutting, electro-discharge drilling, die sinking, surface lapping, honing, micro-blasting and policing as well as ultrasound washing.



Equipment nameTotal number of axesMaching area mandrel/rod/length
Mazak Hyper Quadrex 150MSY with bar feeder9300/65/620
Mazak Integrex I-200 ST with portal robot10, 5 axes simultaneously658/—/1500
Tsugami CNC- Swiss-type lathe HS38MH-5AX with bar feeder10, 5 axes simultaneously —/38/300
Tsugami HS207 swiss type lathe9—/3-20/80
Tsugami BO126E-II swiss type lathe8—/2-12/170
Tsugami BO38TE swiss type lathe11250/38/250
Mori Seiki NTX-1000SZM8370/65/424
Nexturn SA-20 swiss type lathe7—/20/240
Nexturn SA-32 swiss type lathe7—/32/240
Mazak Integrex 100 SY6170/—/200
Mazak Integrex 200 IV ST5500/—/1425
Mazak Integrex i 2005658/—/1011
Mazak Integrex i-200 U10005658/65/1011
Mazak SQT100MY4170/—/300
Mazak Quickturn 100MY4550/51/375
Takisawa TT-160D4200/—/130
Mazak SQT10M3230/42/305
JinnFa Saber-42T83200/42/150
Takisawa TC-102120/42/200
Takisawa TC-102120/42/200
Takisawa TC-202250/—/300
Takisawa TC-202250/—/300
Dainichi F202250/46/300
JinnFa JCL-602320/—/350
JinnFa JCL-60A2300/—/500

Machining centres

Equipment nameTool magazine sizeMachining area  (X,Y,Z ,C and A)
Mazak Variaxis 630-5X II T30630,765,600,360° and -120°/+30°
Stama MC 526/MT60500,380,360,360°
Mazak Variaxis i60080510, 910, 510, -120°/+ 30°, 360 °
Mazak PFH-480080560,630,600
Mazak FH-400080560,510,630
Mazak VCN 530C301050, 530, 510
Yang Eagle SMV-1000201020,510,510,360°
Kiwa Palletmaster -416650,390,500
Brother TC-31 A30350,250,350
Deckel FP 3 A490,290,390

Electrical discharge machines

Equipment nameTotal number of axesMachining area (X,Y,Z,U,V,B)
Agie Compact 2350 x 250 x 350, 360°
Makino UP32J wire cutter5370, 270, 220,±35,±35
Makino U32K wire cutter5570,270,220,±35,±35
Makino EU 64 wire cutter5650,400,420,101,101
Omega CM800TNC124 EDM drilling machine3600 x 300

Grinding machines

Equipment nameTypeMachining area
Joen Lih JL-3060 ATDsurface300 x 600
Reinecker (equipped with raising function)tool200 x 600
Jungertool150 x 500
Paragon RC-12Bcenterlessø 1,5-100 mm
Paragon RC-12centerlessø 1-40 mm
Jones-Shipman 1311cylindricalø 150 x 300
Paragon GU-3250 Pcylindricalø 200 x 500
Paragon GU-3250 CNC with Fanuc-robotcylindricalø 320 x 600
Kromas VRM 125 ED INOX SR  PR KSTvibratory surface finishing machine125 l

Special machines

Equipment nameTypeMachining area
Sunnen MBC-1804honing machineø 1-70 x 250
Peter Wolters 3R600surface lapping machineø 248 x 3
iepco Peenmatic Mikro 550 (total 2)micro-blasting
HGH Duo (total 3), with robot systemmicro-blasting
FinnSonic m 15 (total 3)ultrasonic washing machine335 x 210 x 230

Measurement equipment

Equipment nameTypeMachining area
Mitutoyo CPJ-A3000profile projector100 x 100
Carmar CPJ-3007profile projector75 x 50
Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S 574coordinate measuring machine (CMM)X 505, Y 705, Z 405
Nikon MM60measuring microscope100 x 100
Trimos 500length measuring machine0-550 (0,4 µm)
Diavite MT-3surface roughness measuring
Hommel tester T500surface roughness measuring
Mitutoyosurface roughness measuring
Carl Zeissconcentricity measuring instrumentø 100 x 200
Sunnen PG-700-EMsmall bore gauge equipmentø 1,5-70
Zoller Venturion 450/6tool presetterz600, x200 ja ø400
Tesa Mikro-Hite Plus 600height gauge600