Engineering services

We engage in deep cooperation connected with product development with our customers. We engage in consultation on the manufacturability of the product and present potential development targets. The goal is to obtain, via cooperation with the customer, a maximally satisfactory and competitive product or product package.

An important partner for us in mechanical design is Insinööritoimisto Peura Oy [Peura Engineering Ltd], which is specialised in precision mechanics-based design. Together we implement planning projects requiring special expertise together with the assembly of related prototypes.

Precision mechanics-based products frequently contain movable parts, electronics and optics. Through cooperation, we seek viable solutions and offer our customers overall services as required from planning right through to manufacturing.

The functionality of products is tested for the product development process by means of their respective simulation and by assembling prototypes. On this basis, we format solutions in order to obtain an optimal final result for the customer.

In addition, we can offer the development of equipment-related environmental tolerance as well as the upkeep of manufacturing documents.