Okun Koneistuspalvelu – precision engineering and precision machining

Okun Koneistuspalvelu Oy (Oku) is a machining company specialised in the manufacture of precision engineering and precision parts. The family enterprise was established in 1978. Oku has two production plants located in Outokumpu, Eastern Finland.

We have the ability and the willingness to make investments in accordance with the needs of our customers. Our two plants include more than 50 machining equipment. We utilise modern automated technology.

Precision parts manufactured by us are used e.g. in aeroplanes, weapons, X-ray and laboratory equipment, paper machines, precision tools, satellites and fibre production equipment.

The company employs ca. 40 professionals. The turnover of the company is approximately 4.7 million euros (2019). The share of export in the turnover is almost 20 per cent.

professionals working in the company
million euro turnover (2019)
per cent of turnover from export

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Oku’s values

Expertise and courage are the basis of Oku’s success. Thanks to our wide-ranging and demanding customers, Oku’s service package has been polished into a diamond.

  • We genuinely care about our customers, staff and the environment.
  • We boldly invest in innovative technology and human capital.
  • Constant development steers all our activities.

We unconditionally commit ourselves to responsible and sincere business.

“We have always had the courage to accept assignments even outside our comfort zone. It has been very instructive”

– Päivi Kettunen, Managing Director